Pregnancy Yoga


Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Suitable for all women, from 14 weeks pregnant, whether new to yoga or with years of practice. The weekly sessions include yoga postures to build strength and stamina for pregnancy and labour,  breathing techniques and deep relaxation to allow mums to remain calm and focused during pregnancy and birth.

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Why Pregnancy Yoga?

Pregnancy Yoga Glasgow

Yoga builds strength

Yoga helps relieve aches and pains

Yoga teaches you to breathe

Yoga provides balance – emotional and physical

Yoga teaches you how to rest on command

Yoga helps you bond with your baby

Yoga relieves anxiety

Yoga helps you open your soften and prepare for childbirth

Yoga is a great way to meet other mums

Over the years Heather has gained vast amounts of experience working with pregnant ladies with in depth knowledge in managing  the following ‘conditions’ so rest assured you are in safe hands!

Multiple pregnancy – twins! Back pain Trauma

Hypermobility High blood pressure Anxiety

Sciatica Carpal Tunnel Pelvic pain – including SPD management

‘My pregnancy yoga classes use yoga practices to gently support both the physical and emotional aspects of woman in the perinatal period. Each week we relax the body and mind, we work the body gently in asana to improve strength and stamina throughout the trimesters, working on those little physical niggles that can accompany growing new life . Most importantly we also cover aspects of pregnancy and delivery from a yogic point of view, working on breathing techniques to help make that transition to motherhood and beyond!

The breathing techniques I teach in class encompass this, working with mothers body and baby together very much in the moment encouraging mothers to be in the moment and find that stillness.’

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