Yoga For Everyone

Full Online Timetable with classes suitable for students of all abilities.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow
Restorative Yin
Private tutorial available

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

For the duration of the COVID 19 outbreak our Pregnancy classes are now VIRTUAL.

Streamed from my home to yours!
Students welcome from 14 weeks until delivery.
Dads Welcome too!

Yoga For At Home Workers

A 45 min class delivering  a mix of theraputically applied yoga and breathing techniques to aid in the prevention of the aches and pains.

Workplace mindfulness development encourages a better sense of wellbeing both emotionally and physically.
I welcome all participants in this class from all industries and level of ability.

Mum & Baby Online Classes

Take Part in our community of mums!

Online classes include
Baby Massage
Post Natal rehabilitation
Mum & Baby Yoga.


Yoga For All

With Classes to suit all styles and abilities. From meditative restorative Yin, Gentle Vinyasa flow to Ashtanga beginners. With a reduction in class fees to help in Covid times.  


Pregnancy Yoga

Suitable for all women, from 14 weeks pregnant, build strength and stamina. Including breathing techniques and deep relaxation to allow mums to remain calm and focused during pregnancy and birth..

Baby looking at mother

Mum & Baby Classes

Baby Yoga Class can be commenced from 6-10 weeks post delivery, Babies benefit from gentle baby yoga postures with songs and laughter. Baby Massage - involves learning tactile massage techniques and strokes to aid growth, soothing and bonding for you and baby, Classes Suitable from birth.

at home yoga

Yoga For At Home Workers

When our home sanctuary becomes a work station the lines between work and home life may become blurred.  It becomes vital to our wellbeing  to be able to learn to rebalance  and take time out for ourselves in self care. 

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