Your Words Matter – Self Care in Lockdown Day 2




“If your words to yourself were written on your skin how would they look?”

Todays Self Care In May is about the words we speak.
Todays task
Find your most favourite lipstick It would be one that brings you happy memories or makes  you feel SASSY… or something you haven’t quite been brave enough to wear out.
Put it on and smile at how beautiful you are.
Take a note pad and pen
Write down 5 things you think are beautiful about yourself. These can be anything – don’t stop at 5 if you are flowing with it…
We could often fill a full page of where we find beauty in others, take a moment to find that for yourself.
Now KISS that piece of paper! fold it and keep it in your pocket ( or bra!) and read it again before you go to bed and keep it somewhere safe…
Have an amazing day – SEE YOU TOMORROW !

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