Heather Burns is a highly experienced Yoga teacher based in Scotland. With Classes in Glasgow and Edinburgh

An Ashtangi at heart Heather now specialises in the therapeutic application of holistic movement. Through asana ( yoga ) movement, pranayama ( breath work) and the correct language to empower the student, Heather strives to promote strength and healing  to assist the nervous system to release long held patterns of movement tension.

With her wealth of experience and sympathetic yet playful approach her classes are frequently filled with health professionals, Doctors, GPs, Physiotherapists who feel safe in her care.

Due to her background and passion for empowering woman Heather specialises in Perinatal Yoga including Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal (Rehabilitation) Yoga with Baby Yoga included.

Heather teaches her classes with the student in mind, meeting each student as they are on the mat. With thousands of hours teaching experience many high risk students and students  are referred onto Heather.


Heather has now been practicing yoga for over half her life,  a former aspiring dancer who dabbled in circus training she continually rehabilitated from the more serious twists and turns life has presented with yoga chikitsa. Maintaining an (almost) daily yoga practice she also continues to share her knowledge of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system.

With a high respect of Parampara ( from teacher to student) Heather  trained, and continues to study, with the best known yoga teachers in the world.  Following her first 200 hour teaching Certificate in Hatha Yoga Specialising specifically in the Perinatal and postnatal period. She then went on to Study a further 200 hours with John Scott and Lucy Crawford Scott immersing herself in the Ashtanga system. On this journey there was incredible anatomy  & adjustment training from David Keil and beautiful philosophy teachings and chanting  from Greg Nardi.

Heather continues her yoga studios developing her passions in Ayurveda, including  massage techniques, holistic nutrition, energy medicine and exploration into language based therapies.

Highly experienced in working with students with trauma, injury rehabilitation and pain management. Heather lectures as a guest on Teacher Training programs and Yoga Retreats  as well as training others in perinatal yoga.


Ashtanga Yoga Glasgow 

Baby Yoga 

Pregnancy Yoga Glasgow

'Yoga truly is an experience its not just something you do. You feel it within your own energy field, and your  relationship with yourself. The physical aspect is just a tiny fragment of its power. It really does change who you are as you bring yourself back to your own centre. My only aim as a teacher is to introduce people to themselves and have them be aware of their power and to cherish it and nourish themselves on every level.  Yoga can often be emotionally raw as we let go of what holds us back. Working with others sympathetically, primarily with the breath and then body you really do see magic happen - its always an honour'

Heather Burns

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