The Benefits Of Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Why Massage a baby? There are many answers to why baby massage should become a part of your daily routine with your newborn

Baby Massage Classes

Baby Massage Edinburgh

Baby Massage  is a great resource in developing confidence and trust  between mother and baby. It is this respect and trust with a very gentle tactical soothing stroke that ensures baby knows that they are loved, respected and cared for. Ultimately babies need to feel confident and secure in their surroundings. A baby’s  first language is touch and learning to massage and oil bathe your baby  provides benefits for both mum and baby.

Some new parents may be nervous handling what can seem like such a fragile little human, however learning baby massage can give a new parent a more confident touch.  A parent who handles their childs gently but confidently pass this confidence through to their baby instilling this vital state from a early age.


Baby massage classes  have  been shown to help develop body, mind, awareness and coordination. The speed that the brain develops from birth to a year is astounding and as a parent the observation of these milestones is an exciting time.  Neurodevelopment can be accompanied by sleepless nights and a perhaps a little time of being unsettled. If baby massage becomes familiar it can help with developmental transitions. So can help to reduce ‘fussiness’ and improve quality of sleep.

A Massage class for baby can greatly help to reduce the discomfort of colic, wind and constipation by helping to regulate and strengthen baby’s digestive system.  Our Edinburgh baby massage class is designed to promote relaxation to help mums  to understand baby’s non-verbal communication. The room is warmed so both parent and baby relax together and we use gently warmed coconut oil to oil bathe, massage and improve the condition of baby’s skin encouraging a really beautiful time for bonding and fuelling that nurturing instinct (through stimulation of hormone oxytocin) with mum and baby.


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