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“Summer is a state of mind’


So as my existing students already know I have had an opportunity to condense my timetable, and have now transitioned both my Milngavie Pregnancy Yoga Class and my Post Natal Mum & Baby Class to Val’s Stunning studio Our World Yoga at 1000 Great Western Road In Glasgow.

Its been a really positive move and the first postnatal class we tested out the amazing acoustics with extra gusto with both our polly wolly doodles and our special closing chant of Om Purnam!  The Pregnancy Yoga class were treated to a Birthing ball introduction and all in all I feel extremely blessed to both Jo and Val for the support during changeover.
As you all know building a community is very important to me when offering teachings and Our world yoga already has a great community that attends, and I can see it being the perfect fit. Its a beautiful light and airy space, the energy is very good with a good balance of elements. The space feels friendly from the second you walk in with beautiful special little decorative details at every corner which is Vals loving touch just shining through. You can feel the care and attention thats gone into creating this space. Im personally in love with the door handles.. with my architectural background theres nothing better than ironmongery that seems to smile at you- Even the door knobs are happy!!!  


 Our World Yoga is based at 1000 Great Western Road, just off the main road with private car parking facilities. Its got a super welcoming front door and has excellent reception, and changing facilities. The studio its self is stunning. White walls super high traditional ceilings and a natural wood floor, the space feels energetically balanced . Val herself teaches a variety of styles within the studio but is known for her Aerial classes which are always packed full to the brim,  also a very grounding Yin class on on the timetable as well as Flow. So that may explain the effervescence to the energy but also the calm nature of the studio.

As before there are some beautiful finishing touches and surprises which are just divine. Its a great space and perfectly facilitated as a Yoga Studio.

Within the studio is a treatment room so there is a therapist on hand should any student wish a holistic treatment or a little pamper. Please check my facebook page for news on offers.


What classes am I offering?



7.45 – 9.00pm – Pregnancy Yoga – Block of 8 Classes  for info click here 


11.30 – 12.30 Post natal Yoga – Block Of 6 Classes

For further information and to book any of these classes please email

Please note that mat spaces are limited, deposits are taken to secure your space and as its holiday season all point of sale declared holidays are honoured and discounted from the block. Class cards are issued on first visit and registration is always taken.

As these classes have recently moved over I can offer spaces in my pregnancy and postnatal classes – and there is an offer of reflexology within the treatment room!

I can’t wait to meet all the new community, bumps, babies, and students!