Laura’s Story.

“I started pregnancy yoga with Heather during the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy. I was made to feel so welcome from the word ‘go’ and started to look forward to Tuesday evening classes so much. I felt I was on a really special journey with Heather and the other pregnant mums, which certainly didn’t end when I delivered my whopper of a baby boy (9 pounds 8!)

Throughout labour, I used a lot of the techniques and breathing exercises we used every week in class, and many a midwife commented on how relaxed I seemed even when things didn’t go completely to plan!
I then went on to join the baby massage and baby yoga classes, and they are such a highlight of my maternity leave, where I get to catch up with lots of the mum’s on ‘the other side,’ and have a laugh. My baby Oliver loves the classes and so many of the massage techniques have helped settle him when nothing else has worked….priceless skills to have as a first time mum.
Thanks Heather!”