What Happens at a private Yoga Lesson?

After a brief informal consultation with Heather your individual lessons are formulated.

A private Yoga Tuition on a one to one basis is constructed to suit your individual needs and requirements. From theraputic to anatomical view point Heather can help develop and improve your Yoga practice.

If you have been living with condition i.e back issues or injury recovery, your physical practice will be adapted to help improve and work alongside your recovery programme.

Stress Management techniques run throughout the instruction. Most conditions can  be improved and managed with a delicately tailored yoga lesson.

What are the benefits of a Private Lesson?

Pregnancy yoga to find balance

  • Anxiety relief

  • Learn breathing techniques

  • Emotional and physical balance

  • Injury management and recovery

  • High blood pressure

Yoga to gain strength

  • Back pain

  • Hypermobility

  • Knee Injury

  • slipped disc

  • Aches and pains relief

  • SI Dysfunction

  • Shoulder injury

  • Arthritis


Is yoga safe for all conditions?

Heather Burns is a certified yoga teacher with many years teaching high risk students. There are instances where a physical practice may not be the first place to start. Yoga has 8 limbs – Physical Asana is only one. Email Heather Direct for an informal chat.

She will happily answer any question you might have about yoga.

Parampara means from  teacher to student – its how yoga was originally passed on. For information on times available please email

Where is the lesson?

Private lessons are currently limited due to covid restrictions.

Please use the contact form here to make enquiries



How much does a Private Yoga Lesson yoga cost?

Private Yoga Lessons Start at £45 Per Hour.

Discounts Are applied for block Bookings.

Terms & conditions and cancellation policy in place.