“Katie and I have been practicing yoga with Heather since I was 14 weeks pregnant at her pregnancy class, we then moved onto mum and baby yoga when she was just 8 weeks and now Katie is now 6 months, Heather’s active baby class. 
Heather’s classes have been fabulous at each stage of the journey from pregnancy to motherhood. 
Heather’s pregnancy yoga kept my body in good shape and helped to relieved my pregnancy ailments. The breathing and visualisation techniques Heather taught us, helped me cope with my long and stressful labour, without them I don’t think I could of coped with it all as well as I did.

Heather’s mother and baby yoga was great for getting out of the house and meeting other mums, who became a life line you me a new mum. I loved catching up with them all each week and watching their babies grow. The class has brought Katie on in leaps and bounds, helping her to get to know her body and relieve stress. She is always calm as soon as she enters the studio. I swear she remembers Heathers voice from inside my tummy, she always has big smiles for her.

Now Katie is older, we are looking forward to many months of Heather’s Active baby yoga, where Katie can have fun and explore her own boundaries, in the safe environment she has grown to love.” 

Nikki & Katie

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“Thank you, Heather, for your wonderful classes! I did two blocks of Pregnancy Yoga and am just finishing my second block of Mum and Baby Yoga, which both I and my son have really enjoyed. As a first-time mum, I was quite nervous about the birth. I looked forward to your classes every week and the “me” time that they gave me, as well as the chance to meet other future mums.Every birth is different, but mine was a positive experience and I do believe I have you to thank for that. The breathing techniques I’d learnt in your classes gave me a focus for each contraction and carried me a surprisingly long way. Those, plus gas and air, got me through. There’s no silly competitiveness in your classes, they are relaxed and we have a laugh (but I feel it the next day!). Thank you for such a great experience, both pre-baby and with baby.”  

Emily Thomas

‘Hi heather! I’ve missed yoga so much and am wishing I was back in Edinburgh to join you with the wee one! We’ve moved back to the states for now and I’ve been meaning To email you. I took prenatal yoga with you for a few weeks in the summer and loved it so much that I’ve been thinking about pursuing it here in the states (not prenatal, but hoping to find an instructor with your approach…?)
Anyway, I loved the class so much I doubt I’ll ever find one that means as much to me, but who knows… Maybe I’ll just have to study to get certified to teach myself.
I can’t tell you how much your teaching helped me through labor and delivery! It was hard, but beautiful  – truly your approach to it, your affection for the ladies who come into your classes and how much you invest in their stories. If I do pursue it, I know that relational aspect is so important to me and I appreciate your encouragement along those lines. I think I’d especially like to be a part of helping ladies during pregnancy and after, as that is where my inspiration comes from. My experience delivering our little one was full of peace and calmness. When the midwife told me I had to slow my heart rate at the very end, I knew how to do that without really thinking and that meant the world to me. 
Here’s Islay!
Islay Cayennne Sophia Whisennant
Born 5 October 2014 
7 lbs 9 oz
20.5 inches
She’s a beautiful four months old now!

Caroline & Islay