The Importance of Bonding with Dad

New babies are scary right? The are little and fragile and noisy. It’s a very little reported fact that mosts dads are a little afraid of their new arrival.  They can love this beautiful wrinkly bundle but at the same time the daunting emotional and financial implications can feel overwhelming.
Dads experience pregnancy and childbirth too. Sometimes from a scarier view point. In the early days when mum is bonding and feeding, the postnatal hormones are making everything feel like it’s just meant to be – even in the more exhaustive moments.
With mums enjoying lots of skin to skin and eye contact and parental leave for dads being short, its easy to feel less connected than mum.
Studies now show that men do experience hormonal changes during their partners pregnancy! Testosterone can drop by a third! and there is research to show that men who attend their babies birth and hold their babies develop the same attachment to their little ones!
Nature is incredible!
An incredible fact is that bonding, holding and playing with your baby from birth actually changes their DNA which improves immunity and metabolism as well as brain development.
With all this in mind – I wanted to get the Dads involved – So many mum based classes. But lets’ hear it for the boys!
Daddy massage

An hour long Baby Massage class for Dads and baby!

Learn to massage and oil bathe your baby in a cosy warm environment. Learn techniques for colic , reflux and teething.Gentle massage and play, communication and lots of love the class has already shown to be amazing for all.

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