Yoga For At home Workers

at home yogaYoga For at Home Workers
During Covid times with more of us ‘At Home Working’ we often find ourself in workspaces that are not quite right for our bodies.
Yoga for at Home Workers delivers a mix of theraputically applied yoga and breathing techniques to aid in the prevention of the aches and pains desk dwelling can bring to the body.
We address issues such and shoulder and neck tension, lower back pain, sciatica and inflammatory conditions such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel.
When our home sanctuary becomes a work station the lines between work and home life may become blurred. It becomes vital to our wellbeing to be able to learn to rebalance the boundaries, and take time out for ourselves in self care.
Workplace mindfulness development encourages a better sense of wellbeing both emotionally and physically. Mental wellness will hopefully become a key part of the objectives for the workforce.
I welcome all participants in this class from all industries and level of ability.
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